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Its Been a While... (USA Edition #1)

Hey guys, Like the title states, its been a while. A few weeks ago I had issues with suppliers and had to clear a large majority of the stock listed on the store. Currently I am trying to re-build inventory, its is coming along slowly but surely. I hope to be able to move forward and add more products a lot more quickly than I have been. I have also been focusing on the look of the store through small but subtle changes which will help to improve the feel of the store. Currently I am now living in the USA and attending college there for the semester. Course work is a lot more than I am used to so...

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Selecting Product Colours - FIXED

Hey guys, I have just fixed an issue when you select different colour variants of a product. Originally when you selected your desired colour the main image on the product page would stay the same. But not anymore!!  I've updated all the products available. So now when you go into a product and choose your desired colour the correct image should show as the main image, so you don't have to scroll and find it. This is so it makes it easier when choosing and ordering what you want. Some products (very few) haven't had this done to them as they only have 1 photo showing all the available colours. I will work on adding other images to these specific products....

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Short Post But Big Update!

Hi guys, This is an exciting update for all! I am in the process of changing the design of the store. This will bring about a fresh new look and feel when you go to browse our range of clothing. The home page, the product pages, the cart and everything else will be improved upon. The updated design should be up and running within the next couple of weeks, this is due to having to focus on my end of semester exams. In the last blog post I wrote about adding a section that will allow you guys to give me feedback and suggestions. This will no longer be happening as I am unable to do it. If anyone has...

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The Clothing Bin's New Blog

Hi everyone, Here I am with my first ever blog post for The Clothing Bin. I plan to make these quite regular and update you on what will be happening in the future in regards to the store, information that I find of interest and what I personally plan to be doing in the months and years to come. At the moment I am getting ready to setup and send out our first set of emails to all of you lucky subscribers, these will probably go out every 2 weeks. I hope you find them of interest and I hope to not annoy you. As of late I have been back at university and working as well so that has...

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