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Hi everyone,

Here I am with my first ever blog post for The Clothing Bin. I plan to make these quite regular and update you on what will be happening in the future in regards to the store, information that I find of interest and what I personally plan to be doing in the months and years to come.

At the moment I am getting ready to setup and send out our first set of emails to all of you lucky subscribers, these will probably go out every 2 weeks. I hope you find them of interest and I hope to not annoy you.

As of late I have been back at university and working as well so that has consumed most of my time so Facebook posts haven't been very regular but this will be changing. I realize that the store needs a lot more attention and so i will be spending more time updating inventory, discontinuing older items, more regular posts and further updates from this blog.

In the coming weeks I will be opening an area on the here where you will be able to give your own suggestions on what you would like to see improved and added to the store.

I believe that I need to change the dynamic of how the store is run and get down to a personal level and that is why I will be writing this blog.

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