Improved Checkout Experience

Hey Guys,

Just letting you know I have improved the way the checkout works making it more of a seamless experience.

Previously I was using PayPal as the payment gateway which would redirect you to their website for payment which in my eyes wasn't the greatest way to attract you guys as customers to continue with a purchase. While also using this method I also thought it would be off-putting to some in terms of a security aspect.

I have now gotten rid of PayPal as the payment gateway and I am now using the provider Stripe which is fully integrated into the checkout process so you don't have to leave the checkout at all. It is PCI-DSS compliant meaning that is it secure by design. Also if you are a recurring customer you can easily save your details so when it comes to paying again you can in one simple click.

Stripe is used world-wide and has a great reputation and this is why I have chosen to use it as the primary option for payment in the checkout.

That's it for now, blog you later!

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