Its Been Awhile... (USA Edition #1)

Hey guys,

Like the title states, its been a while. A few weeks ago I had issues with suppliers and had to clear a large majority of the stock listed on the store. Currently I am trying to re-build inventory, its is coming along slowly but surely. I hope to be able to move forward and add more products a lot more quickly than I have been.

I have also been focusing on the look of the store through small but subtle changes which will help to improve the feel of the store.

Currently I am now living in the USA and attending college there for the semester. Course work is a lot more than I am used to so I am unable to spend as much time as I would like on here. But be reassured I am still fully committed to all of you and to the store.

I realize there has been a fair bit of inactivity on the Facebook page and I attend to address it by being more active and as I have said in the past, posting articles I find of interest, I intend to put this into effect.

I also want to bring back these blog posts and make them more than once a month so you guys know whats happening and get to be a bit more involved with what I am doing! 

As for now I will be cleaning up all the product Images, adding new products to the store, and being more active on social media. (Facebook and Instagram).

Thats all from me,

Signing off from the USA!


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