Selecting Product Colours - FIXED

Hey guys,

I have just fixed an issue when you select different colour variants of a product. Originally when you selected your desired colour the main image on the product page would stay the same. But not anymore!! 

I've updated all the products available. So now when you go into a product and choose your desired colour the correct image should show as the main image, so you don't have to scroll and find it. This is so it makes it easier when choosing and ordering what you want.

Some products (very few) haven't had this done to them as they only have 1 photo showing all the available colours. I will work on adding other images to these specific products.

This was just a quick progress update on what im currently improving and adding to the store. I have other plans in the works so there will be more of these updates coming within the next couple of weeks.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for improvement or what they would like to see added, please let me know by commenting down below or email me:


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