About us

Hi everybody, I’m Conor, 21 and currently studying Commerce at University. 

The reason for starting The Clothing Bin is rather simple really! Ultimately I've always wanted to run my own online clothing business. So in early 2014 I decided to take the leap and start planning to open my own store. It took about 3 months to get underway and during this process I was very excited that my dream was coming to fruition. With the help of my family I finally opened The Clothing Bin in June 2014.

The reason I wanted to tell you about myself is so you realize that with The Clothing Bin is not just another faceless business trying to take your money. I’m telling you guys about myself so you know who I am, who is behind the brand and to build trust with YOU my customers. This store is my dream and It'd be great if YOU could take part in it with me!

If you guys have any questions or concerns, please email me personally at conor@theclothingbin.com



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