Ultra Light Duck Down Jacket

$47.99 USD

Here we have our Ultra Light Duck Down Jacket. This high quality Duck Down Jacket is available in 4 awesome colours.

Our Ultra Light Duck Down Jacket is filled with 90% white ducks down. This means that the jacket is more breathable, odor is minimal and this also leads to greater thermal insulation.

The normal quantity of duck down found in these types of jackets is only 60% so rest assured that you are not only buying quality as we offer 90% but you are getting it at a great price.


 Size ASIAN Size US Shoulder Chest Length Sleeve
M XS 49cm (19.2in) 114cm (44.8in) 68cm (26.7in) 64cm (25.1in)
L S 50cm (19.6in) 118cm (46.5in) 69cm (27.1in) 65cm (25.5in)
XL M 51cm (20cm) 122cm (48.0in) 70cm (27.5in) 66cm (25.9in)
2XL L 52cm (20.4in) 126cm (49.6in) 71cm (27.9in) 67cm (26.3in)
3XL XL 53cm (20.8in) 130cm (51.1in) 72cm (28.3in) 68cm (26.7in)






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